Pinewood Caravan Park

Below is a list of questions that we are often asked by customers seeking to own a holiday home here at Pinewoods. The answers to all are very important when considering a major purchase. However we have found that the two most important aspects of holiday home ownership are:

  • that you purchase within a comfortable driving distance to be able to make the most of your leisure time and,
  • that the Holiday Park on which you purchase has the right facilities and atmosphere for you and your family to enjoy that leisure time.

What is the length of the season here at Pinewoods?

Our site license allows us to operate from 15th March to 31st October.

How long can I keep my mobile home on the park?

There is no length of tenure at the park. Once purchased you may keep your holiday home as long as you wish as long as your home is kept clean and tidy on the outside.

How much are the annual site fees at Pinewoods?

The annual site fees for the 2023 season are £3040

Are there any other running costs involved?

Yes. There is gas usage from 19kg/47kg gas bottles which are delivered by us and Electric which is on a card meter in your holiday home. Cards are £5.

What if I need maintenance work carried out on my mobile home?

The park has a team of experienced maintenance staff and access to qualified contractors who can carry out most tasks; these may be contacted through our reception. You may also carry out any general maintenance yourself.

Are there any hidden costs after I have been quoted a price?

No. The price quoted includes delivery, siting on the pitch of your choice and connections to main services.

Do mobile homes depreciate in value?

Yes. Holiday homes do depreciate in a similar way to vehicles and especially for the first year or so due to tax payable but this can even out over a period of time and when considering used values for resale. The park on which the holiday home is situated; the pitch, its environment and its ambiance are very important factors in dictating the resale value.

What if I decided to change my mobile home or move from Pinewoods?

There are a number of options open to you as an owner. All sales must go through the Park office:

  • You may part exchange for a new mobile home in which case the park can give allowances against new models.
  • You may sell your holiday home to a third party on the pitch. The Park will take a commission charge of 15%
  • You may sell the mobile home to a third party off the park in which case there will be a charge to disconnect and move the mobile home to the visitors car park
  • Pinewoods will buy back your holiday home from you.
  • The office must be consulted before the caravan is put up for sale.

Can we let our mobile home to a third party?

No. You may allow the use of your holiday home to family only, however we do not allow the commercial letting of holiday homes to take place this is to preserve the peaceful nature of the Park.

Are dogs allowed on the Park?

We do not allow dogs on the Park.

Is there a charge for using the swimming pools on the Park?

The outside swimming pool, which is open from June to the end of August, is free of charge. There is a small charge for the use of the indoor swimming pool of £3.00 per person per day.